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Swedish Club Annual Car Show

Hello SAAB owners

If you are available next Sat. Aug 15 11am - 3pm, bring your SAAB, THAT IS 30 years (1990) and older to the SWEDISH CLUB ANNUAL SHOW. Food and Drinks will be available to purchase. Hope to see many Saabs present. - Ingvar Carlson

Dear PSVSA Volvo Members,

This will be our big event for 2020 and I hope you can attend. Please bring your old Volvo in any condition to show, since lots of parking in the upper parking lot. We have many show class Volvos for this event, but we need the older unrestored and interesting Volvos to show also. The show opens at 11 AM, and the Swedish Club is selling lunch which is available outside.

Please your bring face marks, chairs, cooler with drinks and sun protection.

Thanks Gary Ramstad, PSVSA Chapter since 1995.

PS. Please read all of this email below.

August 15, 2020 – Saturday 12th Swedish Club “All Swedish Car Show” 11AM to 4 PM.

The 12th Annual Swedish National Holiday Classic Car Show sponsored by the Swedish Club and open to all early pre-1990, “30 years old” show class Volvo and Saab cars.

Free event and open to the public. Swedish Club members are welcome to show their older Classic American and Foreign cars at this event. No “People’s Choice” this year for cars. The car show judges will pick the Oldest (1956 to 1973) and the Newest (1974 to 1990) Volvos and Saabs for awards. Hope to see you here for some Swedish cars fun.

The Swedish Club will offer outdoor dining of Swedish meatballs and Swedish korv (sausages). The Swedish Club is at 1920 Dexter Ave N, Seattle 98109, 206-283-1090 and the website is See you there!

Social Distancing and other COVID-19 restrictions will be followed for this event. Please wear your mask.

Event coordinator: Gary Ramstad 206-365-6913 or email: Gary Ramstad

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