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2024 Saab Owners Convention: Portland, Oregon

SOC 24 PORTLAND: The Year of the Local Club.

The Saab Club of North America (SCNA) has selected the Pacific Northwest as the location for the 2024 Saab Owners Convention (SOC 24). You should book your hotel room immediately.

Holiday Inn Portland – Columbia Riverfront

July 18 - 21, 2024

Book your hotel rooms here:

For volunteer opportunities, go to the SCNA Volunteers page.

Over the coming weeks we will be discussing the specifics of the convention, and NWSOC leadership will be working with SCNA to better understand our role and the scope of the volunteer effort that is expected of us. While we expect to provide key NWSOC volunteers for certain roles, we also expect to draw on other local Saab enthusiast groups. While some of this coordination will take place on the regional Facebook groups, we hope that our new online community can become a hub for local SOC 24 discussions, and can be used increase NWSOC member engagement long-term.

NWSOC's new online community (the non-Facebook option):

A new section of our online community has been added, and it includes two spaces for discussing the SOC 24. The SOC 24 General space is our primary member-facing discussion forum for all things SOC 24, and we may add more spaces for public discussions later. There is also a Volunteer Opportunities space, which we plan to use as a landing location for members that wish to discuss the volunteer effort with SOC 24 ambassadors so we can facilitate the discussion around our volunteer effort with the appropriate SCNA committees. Note that our online community can also be accessed by following the link at the top of our the website.

It is important to note that today, access to these spaces is restricted to NWSOC membership only (just request to join this section and we’ll try to approve you as soon as possible). This is to ensure focused discussion and effective planning/coordination with SCNA. After registration is open and the details of the convention are disseminated far and wide, we will create a public SOC 24 space to encourage general community discussion about the convention. This will be a forum to ignite broad community discussions about the convention, and extend our enthusiasm to Saab fans across the country. The idea here is to provide nationwide convention attendees to have a space to discuss local drives, hangouts, etc. without having to rely on Facebook.

The full text of the SCNA announcement is posted below.

We’d like to see you at the 41st Saab Owners Convention!

The Saab Club of North America (SCNA) announces the 41st Saab Owners Convention will be held in Portland, Oregon, July 18 - 21 at the Holiday Inn Portland – Columbia Riverfront. Book your hotel rooms here:

This 41st Saab Owners Convention will celebrate our Local Saab Clubs. Local Saab Clubs power our day-to-day interactions with Saab cars and with our most valued connections – our friends. Local Clubs make the Saab community uniquely helpful and friendly both in person and online.

Portland is the home of the Northwest Saab Owners Club and is the picture-perfect celebratory setting for all our Local Clubs. Come represent your Local Saab Club in one the nation’s most beautiful settings at a fantastic venue right on the bank of the Columbia River. A Showfield with a view!

Here’s your pre-flight checklist to attend the Saab Owners Convention (SOC):

  1. Book your hotel room online now. Or call 503.283.4466 for reservations and refer to “2024 Saab Owners Convention”.

  2. Don’t forget to join SCNA! You must be a current SCNA member to attend SOC: join now or at registration ($42.00 annually).

  3. Register for SOC. Early in 2024, registration for the Convention will open. You can choose your events, meals, etc. at that time. To be notified when registration opens, you can join the SOC ‘24 Attendees Facebook group.

The fine print? Well, that’s simple too. We’ve got you covered.

Attendees are responsible for their own room charges.

A credit or debit card is permissible for holding the reservation.

Attendees will not be charged until check-in.

Room rate is subject to taxes and fees.

Our Group Rate is available 3 days prior (Monday) & 3 days after (Tuesday) based on Hotel availability.

Call 503.283.4466 for reservations and refer to “2024 Saab Owners Convention”

There is a 72-hour (3 day) cancellation allowed at no charge prior to event.

Official SCNA SOC 24 page:


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