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2024 Saab Owners Convention

The Saab Club of North America (SCNA) has selected the Pacific Northwest as a potential location for the 2024 Saab Owners Convention. The Northwest Saab Owners Club (NWSOC) is doing some coordination, preliminary organizing, volunteer engagement in anticipation of this event. The “primary” site (the result of a preliminary selection process) has been identified, and is in the vicinity of the Portland International Airport.

Over the coming weeks we will be discussing the specifics of the convention, and NWSOC leadership will be working with SCNA to better understand our role and the scope of the volunteer effort that is expected of us. While we expect to provide key NWSOC volunteers for certain roles, we also expect to draw on other local Saab enthusiast groups (like the PNW Saab Facebook group), to provide additional volunteers.

A new section of our online community at has been added, and it includes two spaces for discussing the SOC 24 organization effort. The SOC 24 Planning space is for planning the convention, and interfacing with the SCNA and key volunteers. The Volunteer Opportunities space is targeted at solidifying volunteer roles, creating a network of volunteers by leveraging our connections within the local Saab enthusiast community, and engaging with the volunteer network to match volunteers to these roles. Note that this community can also be accessed by following the link at the top of our normal website.

It is important to note that access to these spaces is restricted to ensure focused discussion and effective planning. The Volunteer Opportunities space is open to all Saab enthusiasts in the region who are interested in volunteering or discussing volunteering opportunities. The SOC 24 Planning space is exclusively for NWSOC leaders, board members, SCNA officials, and key volunteers whose contributions are integral to the planning process. When our plans start to solidify, and details of the convention are made publicly available, we will create a public SOC 24 space to encourage general community discussion about the convention. This will be a forum to ignite broad community discussions about the convention, and extend our enthusiasm to Saab fans across the country.

We are still learning the ropes of our new community, so bear with us as we get admins set up, etc. to approve access requests and moderate discussions. Thanks!

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